Official launch of Ascanium: Combining Ambition and Historical Foundations


We are proud to unveil and officially launch Ascanium, a company underpinned by solid values and historical precedent, and born from an ambition to redefine the paradigms of business, community, and sustainability.

We have witnessed in our youth the environmental damage caused by previous generations: the rampant deforestation of rainforests, the senseless extermination of endangered species, the destruction of fragile coral reefs, mangroves and marine habitats, the reckless drive for profit-driven consumerism and its unbridled pollution, the manipulation of entire continents through media and propaganda, while ideologically driven corruption of power prevails. The list of environmental trauma is endless.

The full force of our incomprehension and bewilderment has been transformed with age, and we find ourselves empowered with knowledge and the capacity for action.


The opening of our first post might sound somewhat dramatic, but so is the sum of the actions which need to be rectified. We cannot collectively remain inert, hoping for nature to heal itself while continuing to deeply scar some of her most precious resources. Much in the same vein, we cannot also stand idle as the human story is lost in the currents of misguided social priorities. Our strength exists in our ability to act on knowledge and understanding, and we intend to be strong.

Our Motivation is Deeply Connected to Our Identity

In line with our values, we will develop our projects where we believe we can add the most value. We also seek to invest in those around us, in terms of time, effort and capital, and to strategically empower those who work with us to develop their own prosperity.

At the heart of Ascanium are our core values, chosen and passionately held, and we remain relentless in our pursuit of the truth for good that will allow us to fulfil our ambitions and promises.

We seek to combine the tried and tested with the latest technology. Our values serve as guiding principles that drive us to exceed the challenges of the 21st century, and our aim is to set our own value-based standards, well informed and refined for current and future challenges.

Our 4 values

Our core belief that the preservation of our natural world must come first, we pledge our allegiance to our planet and its myriad ecosystems. We are also passionate about preserving humanity’s physical and cultural heritage: a people without a past is a people without a present or a future.

From preserving ecosystems and heritage to promoting sustainable industrial practices, Ascanium strives to work in harmony with the environment to ensure a better future for generations to come.

Biofuel research: microalgae for alternative energy
innovation in our partner’s laboratory

Innovation is at the heart of Ascanium. We believe in meaningful change, challenging the status quo and pioneering solutions that are both novel and sustainable. It’s not just about introducing change; it’s about ushering in advances that will redefine industry practices and lifestyles.

Integrity underpins everything we do. It is our promise to our partners, stakeholders and the world at large that Ascanium will always stand by its commitments and ensure transparency, honesty and ethical practices in all its endeavours.

Finally, Perennity embodies our commitment to enduring excellence, ensuring that our actions, strategies and partnerships stand the test of time and challenges, always with a focus on the lasting impact of our initiatives.

But Ascanium isn’t just the sum of these four values. It’s about the synergy they create when woven together – a synergy that assures you of a company that is both pioneering and responsible.

Our projects, whether restoring 19th century buildings or developing innovative Web 3.0 solutions for our areas of interest, will always reflect our ethos. We don’t build buildings or businesses, we build legacies and set standards.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to join us as a partner, stakeholder or observer. Together, let’s celebrate the dawn of an era where business meets sustainability, innovation meets heritage, and the future is built with both passion and responsibility.

Welcome to our future: Ascanium.

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