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At Ascanium, we’re working hard to become a true player in the world of property and business investment, derives its name from a rich blend of history and ambition. But what’s the story behind this unique and distinctive name?

A name rooted in heritage and vision

Ascanium takes its name from Ascanius, a prominent figure in ancient Roman mythology, who was the son of the legendary hero Aeneas and played a pivotal role in the founding of Rome.

Aeneas carrying his father Anchises, with his son Ascanius, fleeing Troy

After the fall of Troy in 1184 BC, Ascanius fled to present-day Italy with his father and grandfather and later founded the city of Alba Longa in 1151 BC, which in turn was the birth place of the Patrician families and the foundation of Rome itself.

Ascanius was also known as Iulus, from which the Gens Iulii, an ancient patrician family of Rome, derive their name. Julius Caesar and his successors were proud to trace their ancestry back to Ascanius, underlining the far-reaching and transformative influence of the Trojan saga on Western civilisation.

Having left an indelible mark on history, the stories of the Ascanius lineage’s wider European establishment blur history and legend, with a legacy that stretches across Europe and describes the roots of modern metropolises such as today’s London, as documented in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s ‘Historia Regum Britanniae’.

A fitting context for a story whose future we hope will bring prosperity and value for generations to come.

The name embodies Ascanium’s vision and core values. Much like Ascanius’ role in shaping the destiny of Rome, Ascanium strives to leave an indelible mark through its investment decisions. The name symbolises a commitment to growth and development, reflecting the ancient journey of Ascanius.

What about the future and our values?

Ascanium’s choice of name not only reflects its historical roots, but also embodies its aspirations for the future. With a focus on direct investment, the company is committed to acquiring and nurturing opportunities that contribute to sustainable growth and prosperity.

Ascanium is more than a tribute to history; it’s a blueprint for the future, inspired by chemistry.

Drawing parallels with the periodic table, the name ‘Ascanium’ is designed to resonate as if it were an elemental substance. It serves to convey the idea that ‘Ascanium’ represents the natural raw material from which lasting, transformative legacies can be created: a perfect vehicle for our values.

Just as the elements are the building blocks of the universe, Ascanium aspires to be the elemental foundation of its domain.

Ascanium embodies our founding mission and values: to create lasting value by applying the lessons of the past with integrity and preserving the present to catalyse innovation for a brighter, more sustainable world with a secure future.

As we continue our journey, our name ‘Ascanium’ serves as a reminder of our enduring commitment to building a legacy of success for future generations.

Our name is not just a reminder of our civilisation’s history, but an active call to a better future.

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