Ascanium Central: Supporting businesses


We are proud to announce Ascanium Central, our latest venture created to provide premises with comprehensive business support.

Ascanium Central’s business centres will aim to host companies seeking sophisticated work spaces and collaborative co-working facilities, all designed to nurture and support businesses of all sizes.

Our facilities will provide not just space, but an environment that inspires and facilitates growth. With a vision focused on quality, innovation, community and convenience, Ascanium Central aims to become the preferred partner of those who share our values.

With a dynamic plan and optimistic timeline, we hope to unveil our first business centre in the second half of 2024, offering holistic business support and work solutions both on-site and through our website and mobile apps.

We have already begun preparing an interesting range of services to support entrepreneurs, employees and decision-makers alike, by offering simplicity, fluidity and flexibility of work spaces and support services:

    • Access to our partners for accounting services and legally-compliant invoicing platforms as per French legal requirements

    • Food menu subscriptions and delivery

    • Executive lounges for casual conversations and relaxation

    • Business centre access management tools for employers

    • Coworking and Deep-Work spaces

    • Creative and Pod Cast Studios

We can’t wait to share more news on this exciting development and we look forward to welcoming businesses and entrepreneurs to experience our blend of services and support at Ascanium Central!

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